Traditional Media & Video

Yep, we do it.

Traditional Media, Offline Marketing & Video

TV, Print, Radio … this is where we cut our teeth and we still do it all. However, most importantly we show small businesses how to utilize traditional media and how to maximize their advertising budget.

A few things to consider about advertising, in our opinion:

1. Traditional Media is alive and well, yep even Radio

Every business still needs to a) build a brand and b) attract new customers, which requires a High Reach, High Frequency opportunity. The media is fragmented more than ever, however traditional media is far from dead.

2. Positioning Strategy

Most advertising does not work, but it’s not the media’s fault. Your advertising hasn’t worked because your message lacked a Positioning Strategy. This concept was introduced by Jack Trout & Al Ries in 1981 in their book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. and again in 2001 as the 20th Anniversary Edition. A Positioning Strategy is a Consumer-centric approach to marketing and I prefer a Positioning Strategy with a Call to Action over a Branding Strategy everyday of the week. If you want more information give me a call and I will be happy to explain the difference.

3. Converting & Tracking

The difference between advertising strategy in 2005 and today is the opportunity to convert customers. Instead of repeating your phone number on the ad, which people won’t remember, use traditional media to incentive a customer to convert by liking you on Facebook, join your Text Club, go to your website or sign up for an email. We can show you how to increase your response rate, glean customers from traditional media and increase sales.

4. Online Video 

Online Video and “Content Marketing” are blurring the lines between Traditional and Digital Media. We have helped clients develop videos and commercials that only run on their website, Facebook, YouTube and as Pre-Rolls on local media websites.


The Pitfalls of Advertising

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