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Loyalty Cards and Rewards Programs are proven ways to increase repeat business and visit frequency. But, getting a customer to save your paper card can be challenge. With our software you simply use their phone number to track the number of visits and send their rewards via text message. ¬†You decide the number of visits and the reward your customers will receive. You can even set up tiered rewards and provide better rewards for customers who come in more often. Haven’t seen a customer in awhile? You send a Trigger Text Message if the person has not checked-in for a certain number of days.

This is awesome and affordable software that every small business should be using, but here’s the best part: Everyone is saved in database so that you can send Text Blasts with special offers or event reminders to your entire database. SMS Text Message Marketing has the highest ROI of any media, 99% of text messages are read within 5 minutes and you can reach your customer wherever they are.

To join your Loyalty Card customers simply punch in their phone # your custom Digital Kiosk. Your kiosk can be displayed on an iPad, tablet, cell phone or desktop. The Digital Kiosk includes:

  • Loyalty Card tracking with Unlimited Opt-Ins, Check-Ins & Coupon Redemption
  • Single Tiered or Multi-Tiered Rewards
  • Trigger Messaging – send individual SMS Text Messages if a member has not checked-in in awhile
  • Coupon code generator and redemption tracking page
  • Deliver a link to a mobile website or custom App download
  • Send Facebook LIKE requests directly from the kiosk
  • Coupon expiration widget
  • Referral Rewards – reward customers for sharing the coupon
  • Access to mobile marketing software w/ additional features including Text Blasts and Birthday Clubs
  • Complete management and reporting from web-based software

An SMS Mobile Rewards Program Is Perfect For:

Coffee & Tea Shops

Restaurants & Fast Food

Pizza and Delivery Companies

Health Gyms

Clubs, Bars and Wine Tasting

Churches & Religious Groups

Photography, Art and Local Retail

Any business that relies on repeat business and customer visit frequency

33 percent of U.S. mobile users prefer offers via Text to Mobile Web (21%), Apps (11%) and voice mail (8%).

Source:, 2011

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