Media Buying

Is advertising an art or science?

Question: “Is advertising an art or a science?” Most people, especially advertising ego-gurus, will say it’s an art.  But, it’s not. Advertising is a science. Why?

1. The art is a given. It’s a moot point. It’s expected. You aren’t even in the game without good design and good ideas.

2. From personal experience I can tell you that out of all of my products and services I offer, SMS Text Messaging has the best ROI. There is nothing artistic about 160 character spaces. It’s a strategy and a science, not an art.  It proves my point and ad agencies hate it.

So if good art is a given then what makes your advertising more successful than your competitor’s? The answer: The cost efficiency of your Reach and Frequency with your customers or prospects in relation to your competitor. That is: the media buy.

Media buying is one of our strengths. We analyze your customer and their habits. We analyze the media they consume. We analyze the ideal number of commercials needed to met your goals. We negotiate rates on your behalf. In fact, with 12 years experience as General Sales Manager for both a newspaper and radio station, we know what the media outlets are looking for when they negotiate.