Online Conversion Strategy

Turning Web Traffic into Sales

Online Conversion Strategy

One thing I hope you notice about about us is that we don’t like advertising-speak and marketing mumbo-jumbo. We try to explain complex marketing strategy in simple terms. Conversion Tracking is one of those topics that marketing people love to make confusing. Here’s how this generally goes. After you’ve hired us to update your website, optimize it for search and set up a digital marketing, you will have a dramatic increase in website traffic.  Usually, more qualified website traffic means more sales … for at least awhile or the first sales cycle (3 to 12 months).  After that the question becomes, “What else can we do? How do get more website customers to call or sign up?” and my favorite (and most common) question, “Eric, sales are up 40%, but next year we need to increase another 15%, what do we do?”

The answer: Online Conversion Strategy

Online Conversion Strategy is getting a higher percentage of your website traffic to “Convert”. What does Convert mean? It depends on the client, but it includes: buying online, calling the store/office, making a reservation, viewing a particular page on your website, providing contact information and more.

In most cases, the first goal  is getting customers to: join your email club, Like your Facebook Fan Page, follow you on Twitter or opt-in to a SMS Text Club. (Side note – we own a Short Code for SMS Marketing).

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