Reaching Customers After First Point of Contact

Remarketing & Retargeting

Typical scenario: your business puts a tremendous amount of effort and capital to get people to your website including Pay Per Click, SEO and Traditional Media … and then they leave. Goodbye. Gone forever and they didn’t Convert. What a bummer. But, not so fast, with a Remarketing your advertising message can follow this person on the Internet and encourage them to come back to the website, or simply keep your business Top of Mind during an extended sales cycle.

Why use Remarketing: 

1. To encourage clients to come back to your website to purchase or sign up. For example, if someone leaves your website without joining your email club your ads can follow this person online with a special offer that entices them to go back to the website and sign up.

2. To stay top of mind during a long sales cycle. This is really important for B-to-B websites. For example, in Real Estate, Insurance or Financial Planning the customer might come to your website early on in the sales process, but not make a purchase for months. Remarketing allows you to be top of mind with the consumer throughout the sales process.

3. To stretch your advertising dollar and lower your dependency on Traditional Media. Digital Display Advertising is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional TV, Radio and Print advertising. If you are using Traditional Media to get people to your website, then Remarketing allows you stay in front of potential buyers who have shown an interest in product vs. having to go back to the media and spend more money.

4. To increase your Frequency.  The frequency of your message is an important part of your marketing strategy. Remarketing allows you to significantly increase your Frequency, Top of Mind Awareness, and Share of Mind with people who have visited your website.