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Reputation Management Fresno

In today’s business environment every small business needs a Pro-Active Review Strategy, and that’s exactly what we offer. The nature of reviews is fairly simple: people who give reviews either love you or hate you. You get 1-star or 5-stars. But it is seems like there are a lot more people who like to vent online than there are people who want to pat you on the back. It’s human nature I guess, but from my personal experience most businesses have happy customers (otherwise they would not be in business), and every once in awhile an employee made a mistake or the customer was difficult to deal with.

The problem is that 92% of people read online reviews before making a decision, and 74% say that they won’t select a business with poor online reputation. Quick math fact: 9 out of 10 read reviews. 3 out of 4 won’t choose you if you have bad reviews.

What is even more important is that Google, Bing and other search engines use reviews as part of their algorithm to determine Search Rankings.  In fact, according to a Moz Local Search Ranking Study reviews account for nearly 10% of your ranking factor.

How it works (in short):

First, all of your reviews from more than 50+ review sites are brought to one place so that you (or us) can easily monitor, reply and share your reviews.

Second, our Reputation Management Software allows us to continuously send “feedback” requests to your customers. This automated process is much faster and more efficient than trying to have an employee do the same thing manually. If the person has had a good experience we ask them convert their feedback to an online review. If they have had a bad experience we direct them back to an owner or manager so that the issue can be address quickly.



Users read online reviews before selecting a business.*


Users says they would not use a business with a poor online reputation.**

*eTelling Group **Harris Interactive

Positive Feedback

Directed Online For A Positive Review

Negative Feedback

Directed To An Owner Or Manager


 With our Reputation Management Software we put you back in control of reviews
by doing three things:





Receive immediate alerts when customers place reviews. Reply to all major review sites from your dashboard.


Get more reviews, a lot more, with review requests, emails, SMS and widgets.




Share & Auto-Post your best reviews on your website, Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

 Reputation Management Features & Benefits:


Take Control of Your Reputation


See All of Your Reviews in One Place


Cross Promote Your Best Reviews


Reply to Reviews Quickly


Increase Your Search Ranking

8.4% of your search ranking is based on reviews (Moz).


Monitor Reviews with Your Online Dashboard


Better Understand Your Customers

Reviews provide excellent feedback.


Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Having more, 5-stars reviews is a competitive advantage.

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