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What is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing both your visibility and rank on Search Engine Results Pages (called SERPs), such as Google or Yahoo, by using various types of content. SEO is also referred to as “natural” or “un-paid” search results. But, “un-paid” does not mean free. Un-paid means that you are not using a Pay Per Click campaign. However, SEO requires “Content” and recently the insiders have started referring to SEO as Content Marketing.

SEO 101

The easiest way to explain SEO is to think of it this way: Does the content on your website reflect what a customer would enter in the search bar if they didn’t know you? Google is a computer. It’s an algorithm. A very complex and important algorithm, but a computer and algorithm none the less. Google also wants customers to have a good experience when they search for things using Google, so Google takes the person’s search phrase such as “Best Pancakes in Fresno” and pings it against all of the websites out there and brings back a list of what Google thinks is the best list of places that sell pancakes. The biggest mistake businesses make is that their website has too many generic phrases, it does not reflect a customer’s search behavior and it does not include key industry words.

 What we do: Search Engine Optimization Basics

Every SEO marketing company has their “secret formula” to SEO and no doubt you have received a phone call from a national company claiming to get you on the #1 spot for a certain phrase using their wiz-bang, special thing-a-ma-jig. But here are some of the basics:


On Page SEO Strategy

Content in king. We optimize your content, site structure and your HTML source code for Search.

Off Page SEO Strategy

We develop back links, claim your directory listings and increase your online reviews.

Content & Social Media

We develop content that helps to tell your story online through social media, YouTube and other sites.

Local & Mobile Optimization

We geo-target your content using on- and off-page strategies to ensure you show up on local and mobile searches.

What Search Engines Want (and How to Beat Your Competition)

Before you start this process and think that it’s a one-time shot, hold on.  First, if SEO is a new concept to your business then there are some immediate services we can provide to optimize your site. Give us a call for our “15 point check-up.” However, over the long-haul, it’s not that easy. The best way to increase your SEO is provide your customers with various forms of content (blogs, video, images) in a consistent and on-going strategy.

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