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1. Select a Keyword that identifies with your brand (your business name, industry, etc.). Your keyword should be short and easy to spell, such as SALE or PIZZA.

2. Develop an offer that will encourage people to text-in. Your initial offer should be very enticing! Use our pre-designed templates to get started fast.

Use promotional specials that ask customers in-store or online to sign up to your mobile services and receive the discounts you are offering:

  • Offer a VIP Service through text message alerts with exclusive news and specials
  • Ensure your website and social media pages have a mobile sign-up box
  • Use your packaging, paper receipts, billboards and posters to let your customers know that you have gone mobile
  • Ask them to text in for inclusion to a discount, prize or to support a particular campaign
  • Create “text-to-win contests” whereby customers can text to win things. People love the opportunity to win free stuff

3.Once people have text-in their mobile number is stored in your database. Now use behavioral marketing and real-time offers to drive customers back to your store.

4. Send Text Blasts to your database.

5. Create target lists such as Birthday Clubs, Preferences, Location and Zipcodes to send targeted messages.

6. Use our Text Responder Series to send individual bounce back coupons and offers based on the person’s opt-in date.

33 percent of U.S. mobile users prefer offers via Text to Mobile Web (21%), Apps (11%) and voice mail (8%).

Source:, 2011

Eric not only provides SMS services for some of our clients, but he also keeps us in touch with industry news by forwarding us relevant information on an on-going basis. He is very knowledgeable on the topic of mobile marketing and we would recommend his services to anyone who wants to take advantage of this important marketing tool.

Jane Quebe