Data Capture

Capture data and send relevant messages

Data Capture

Our Mobile Platform allows you to collect and save up to 23 pieces of data per phone. Plus, you can sort the database and create “Target Lists”. Popular Target Lists:

  • Birthday Clubs – send texts to just the people in your database based on their birthday month.
  • Gender – send mobile coupons to just women or men in your database.
  • Age – send different mobile coupons based on age.
  • Opt-in Date, or Opt-in Promotion – send different mobile coupons based on opt-in date.
  • Create a Custom Target List – create any list you need.  Restaurants can create Food, Bar and Event lists; Retailers can create lists based on product lines.

Birthday Club Target List Example – How to Get Started

Set Up In-Store Signage

Display your Mobile Coupon Signage and advertisements: Join our Text Club for Special offers! Text FRESNO to 58124.

On the Auto-Response Include Call to Action

Thanks for joining our Text Club. Show text to cashier for $5 off purchase of $25 or more. Reply with your birthday month (ex. June) for a special birthday offer.

Set Up Database Manager

With the click of one button we tell the program “store all responses in Birthday Field”.

We then send a Thank Your message:

Thanks for joining our Birthday Club. You’ll receive a special on your birthday month.

Query the Databases for Birthdays

Once you have collected the mobile numbers and their birthday month, you simply click a button to “search all June Birthdays”.  Our platform will grab all the numbers with “June” and create a Target List.

Send a text to your Target List

Now that you have list, you click “Send Text” and type your special offer.