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Text to Win Software

Text to Win Contests are a great way to engage your customers and quickly build up your database. With McCormick Marketingt’s custom SMS software your customers can enter a contest by texting your Keyword to our Short Code.  Once a customer enters the contest they receive a confirmation text with your coupon. Our Text to Win software allows you to automatically: send “You’ve Won” and “Sorry You Didn’t Win” messages, pick a winner, have multiple winners and set odds of winning, and even automatically send a different message after the winner has been randomly picked (i..e. “we’ve picked a winner but thanks for trying”). Take your contest to the next level with Text to Win from McCormick Marketing.

Data Capture

The most valuable part of a Text to Win campaign is having a usable database after the event for future marketing. All participants are saved in your database, which can be used to send event announcements, coupons, offers or reminders.

Text to Win Options

  • Random Winner – Our software will pick a random winner from all participants
  • Nth Winner – Choose every 5th, 10th, or 100th participant to win. Nth winner can be any number based on estimated number of entries
  • Specific # Winner – Choose a specific winner, such as the 100th person, or 1,000th person

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