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We love Fresno.

And Clovis, and Selma, and all of the Central Valley. We love the mountains and the lakes, and going to see the San Francisco Giants and coming home and thinking, “I’m so glad I don’t live here, but I can go there.” We love golfing, skiing, biking, high school sports and Fresno State. Go Bulldogs! #alumnus. We love downtown, Old Towne, The Tower and Old Fig. We love farmers, fresh fruit, wine and craft beer.

But, most importantly we love the local businesses that make Fresno great. The local businesses that have a vested interest in a healthy, safe and vibrant business community. The businesses that make Fresno unique and that provide character to our city. The entrepreneurs, the risk takers, the dreamers. The ones with their name on the back of pee-wee baseball team, or the bottom of the silent auction item.

We love these businesses because we are one too. Our goal to help them grow, thrive and compete against national chains. To that end we have put together a suite of digital products and services, and back it up with knowledge and experience. People say, “wow, you do a lot.” No, we don’t do a lot. Yes, we have a lot of tools, but we only do one thing. We help local businesses. Period.

Inbound Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing & Paid Search

Reach customers early in the sales process.

SMS Text Message Marketing

Send coupons & alerts to your customer’s phone to increase sales and loyalty.

Reputation Marketing

Gather, monitor & market reviews to customers about to make a purchase decision.

Website Analytics, Retargeting & Conversion

Monitor website behavior to increase lead conversion.

TV & Online Video

Short and long form videos are an excellent opportunity for businesses to build their brand, make an emotional connection

or educate your customers.

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Paid Search Ads

Have customers find you through keyword search.

Display Ads

Place digital ads by geographic, interests and behaviors.


Advertise to customers who have been to your website.

Analytics & Conversion

Monitor website behavior to increase lead conversion.

What’s the right solution?

Inbound marketing isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. The complexity of the sale, sales process, cost and other factors will determine your marketing strategy.

SMS Marketing Is More Than Text Blasts

91% of consumers who sign up for text alerts from a local business find them very useful, the highest statistic in digital marketing. (Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Behavior Report)

Does your business thrive from repeat customers?
Solution: SMS Mobile Coupons and Alerts
Using Text Message Marketing is both inexpensive and timely. Send coupons or reminders directly to your customer’s phones wherever they are.

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Is your business B-to-B? Does it have an extended sales cycle?
Solution: SEO, PPC, Remarketing & Email Marketing
Business to Business companies thrive by personal sales but these digital marketing tools can reach people who are showing a behavior for your service and allow you to be top of mind during an extended sales process.

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Are your customers from out of town?
Solution: Responsive Web, Local SEO
Out of town customers are notorious for searching the web on their smart phone and looking for reviews. Having a Responsive Website, adding Local SEO indicators and managing your reputation on review sites will help you reach this market.

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Do You Have a Traditional Media Campaign from Sales, Promotions or Contests?
Solution: SMS Text to Win or Mobile Coupons
Create a stronger call to action and capture data for future marketing by incorporating a Text to Win or Mobile Coupon offer into your TV, Radio or Print Campaign.

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Are Reviews Important?
Solution: Reputation Management
94% of consumers read online reviews before selecting a business. Our Reputation Management Software allows you to Monitor, Gather and Market your reviews.

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Loyalty Rewards
No paper. No stamps. Just your customer’s phone. Using our Mobile Kiosk software you can setup a Loyalty Rewards program to encourage repeat business.


Text To Win
Still using a fishbowl? Stop! With our Text to Win software you can give away prizes AND automatically capture your customer’s phone number for future marketing.


Birthday Club
Send automated birthday coupons and offers to individual customers.


Text to Vote
Get client feedback, send a survey and see results in real time.
Data Mining
Segment your database into “target groups” for customized messages.

By The Numbers.
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