Twitter can be baffling for business owners, sole proprietors and independent contractors such as Realtors. All of the national marketing pundits tell them that they have to be engaged in social media, yet when it comes to Twitter it doesn’t fit the mold as easily as Facebook and Instagram. So here are four things you can do with Twitter for people who don’t understand Twitter.

Before we begin I want you to think of Twitter as a media outlet, a news feed, or basically your digital newspaper where you get to pick the headlines.

1. Use it to educate yourself – On Twitter you can search for industry news, blogs and articles, and then follow these people. This can help you to stay updated on the latest industry trends. You don’t need to have friends or engage with your in-laws on Twitter. You just check it while you are having coffee so that you know the latest news. Twitter is your customized digital newspaper and you pick the news source; and think how smart you will sound on the golf course when you say, “I read on Twitter that … .”

2. Use it to advertise – Twitter is popular with Millennials as well as college-educated, high income adults. You can target these groups on Twitter and link them to your website. It’s pretty easy and affordable.

3. Use it for PR – There is not a reporter on the planet that is not on Twitter, and that would include newspapers, TV and radio stations, and radio hosts. It’s pretty easy to search for these people and follow them on Twitter. You will also find local leaders such as your mayor, city council members and local business leaders, and the reporters are following them too. When the reporters post a news story you can comment back or re-Tweet the article. You can also tag them in a Tweet using their handle (the @ followed by their user name). The goal is not to slam their article, tell them they are wrong, or alienate yourself. What you want to do is to throw your name into the conversation, suggest story ideas and to position yourself as an industry leader. For example, if you are listening to a radio talk show host you can comment to them on Twitter, ask a question or voice your opinion. A lot radio hosts read Twitter comments on-air, however, most likely the show producer is reading your Tweets. This is your opportunity to suggest a show idea and ask to be a guest.

4. Use it as content for your website – this is my favorite because it solves another difficult strategy – blogging. I stress to clients the value of blogging, but most often clients groan at this suggestion. Then I suggest, “you can re-blog?” And, they say, “yes, but it takes time to find the articles, and link them, etc.” With Twitter you can embed a Twitter Widget on your website. Then simply search for the articles you want and re-Tweet them. Your re-Tweets will show up in the widget and provide additional content for your visitors. Now that’s pretty easy and you don’t have to know much about Twitter to do it.